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Genie 9100 Pro & Vortex v3 Package.


What Is Radionics?

The basic concept of radionics is based on the fact that matter, whether animated or unanimated, emits radiation. Modern physics, which is Einstein’s theory of relativity in connection with electrodynamics, states that all matter consists of atoms connected by energy fields, the energy forces of the universe.

What Is Radionics & What Are Radionics Machines?

With recent progress, we can see how radionics instruments can be used to facilitate the exchange of energy between the human spirit and the universe around it, as well as with other beings.

On one level, it can be used to determine the structural and functional integrity of the body and to identify the causes of the diseases it conceals. For example, doctors can determine what types of disharmony and imbalance in a patient's energy field can be detected. The radiation energy emanating from diseased tissues can also be perceived when it travels through the body of healthy people like wires. 

When you get a stick on a pad to set a dial, set it up so that the numbers on the dial are a physical representation of yourself. You usually feel that your fingers can't move anywhere and the stick or cushion will become sticky. Think of the rate as an alternative reality that vibrates at different frequencies.

Each factor is expressed as a numerical value known as a rate in the form of geometric patterns. The trend can take any number of forms, but the most common is a written explanation on a sheet of paper placed on the trend plate. 

Einstein called radionics & radionic machines Spooky action at a distance

This connection is based on the holographic principle, where a small part of the hair sample, which is removed as a whole from the whole, reflects the total energy and pattern of the whole patient. Bloodstains or snippets of hair, known as "witnesses," are processed. A cane or pad is used to receive the radio forecast, and is a divining rods fortune teller, just like a pendulum. 

The energy field, better known as the aura, contains all the important chakras that support the physical body. Each part is a part of the whole body, not only of the body itself but also of the mind, heart, soul, and spirit.

It seems that radionics is independent of the distance between Sender and Target, and therefore it does not matter where the geographical locations are. 

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