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The new 2021 genie 9100 pro with the new vortex v3 ring generator package


The 2023 Psychotronic Generator & Radionics Machine Features:Powerful Super Heavy Duty Orgone Generator

      • Powerful Super Heavy Duty Orgone Generator
      • Fully compatible with all base 10 rates.
      • 9 Rate dials.
      • Spooky2 Frequency Input.
      • Vitality measurement.
      • 9 Pre-set Psionic Brain frequencies.
        • Beta - Fully awake & alert.
        • Alpha - Meditation, super learning, memory & calm.
        • Theta - Insight, problem-solving, Inspiration.
        • Delta - Healing, renewal, immune system restoration.
        • Gamma - Higher mental activity, perception & problem-solving.
        • Universal Healing.
        • Attitude & Behaviour.
        • Love & Warmth - Attraction of people.
        • Manifesting - Law of attraction etc.
      • Variable Frequency 0.5hz to 475hz. 
      • Ideal for Agricultural Radionics.
      • Ideal as a dedicated Mind Machine.
      • New Response-Tek Stick Pad.
      • Audio input.
          • Connect to the computer for software frequencies.
          • Audio from your iPod, iPhone, Mp3 player, or tablet.
      • Witness and Trend expansion sockets.
      •  Psychotronic Pro Broadcast Transmitter System.
      • BNC Antenna connector.
        • For connection to a larger indoor or outdoor antenna.
      • Solid Brass Witness & Trend Plates.
      • 30c Poteniser
      • Water & food charging.
      • Manual & 3 Radionics Machine Software products Included.

The latest Genie 9100 Pro radionic machine for sale has many new features, the first of which is the Rife Frequency Input, the 9100 Pro can accept Rife input frequencies from virtually any source:

      • Spooky2-XM device.
      • Android Mobile or PC Rife Frequency Generator App.
      • iPhone Rife Frequency Generator App.
      • Function Generator Device or App.


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Genie 9100 Pro Psychotronic Generator & Radionic Machine For Sale 
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