Genie Vortex Ring Orgone Generator for Genie Radionics Machines

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Genie Vortex Ring Orgone Generator

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"Now With Programmable Holographic Technology"

The Genie Vortex Orgone Generator is our biggest Active Generator at the time of writing. By 'active' we mean it has to be powered by one of our compatible Genie radionics machines, whereas many lumps of orgonite are also called orgone generators. Unfortunately, this is not correct. Plane old orgonite as what can be found on eBay and a host of other websites, no matter how pretty or ornamental it may be, is at best just a passive energy modifier and does not actually generate anything, unlike true orgone generators.

"That can't be right, I can feel the energy emanating from it" you say. Yes, you will feel the energy emanating from it, but it is only the energy it has attracted from the local environment and is slowly trickling back out as orgone/chi.

The active Genie Orgone Generators that are fitted inside all our radionics machines and also in the Vortex Ring actually generate orgone or life force energy. 
The Vortex Doughnut Orgone Energy Generator on its own is passive until you plug it into a Genie radionics machine to actively power it,  The Vortex ring has 6 massive active orgone generators inside. 

Genie Vortex Ring Orgone Generator Is Compatible with:

  • Genie 3000 Pro devices from Dec 2019 onwards.
  • Genie 9000 Pro devices from Dec 2019 onwards.
  • Genie 9100 Pro devices from Dec 2019 onwards.
  • Genie P9100 Pro

Uses & Advantages: 

  • Much FASTER Manifesting
  • Running multiple radionics sessions at once.
  • Manifesting multiple things at once.
  • Treating Multiple patients at once.
  • Making much larger amounts of Living water.








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